17 ноября 2014 г.

Королева Бутана получила отличие National Geographic Society

Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen graced National Geographic Society's
celebration of 100 years of coverage of Bhutan by the National
Geographic magazine.
Addressing the gathering, Her Majesty said that the essence of what
was observed of Bhutan by the magazine a hundred years ago still
"In 1914, John Claude White’s fluent observations of our country,
detailed in the April issue of the National Geographic Magazine,
unveiled the intricacies of our unfamiliar and mysterious land and
people to the rest of the world," Her Majesty said. "Bhutan has,
across the century, made unique progress as a Nation. We have
continually fortified the values of our traditions and cultural
"Today, we move forward on the philosophy of Gross National Happiness
and strive for sustainable development. We are bound by duty to ensure
the resilience of our cultural values and our pristine natural
environment, which remains indispensible in our pursuit of collective
happiness. In Bhutan, we are always guided by our past; our rich
traditions and culture, so fundamentally important for our future,
binds us across time and generations."
Her Majesty commended the National Geographic society for their noble
efforts, since its inception in1888, to explore and bring to light the
human and physical geography of our world.
The National Geographic magazine in 1914 published an article in its
April edition, written by John Claude White, a political officer of
British-India stationed in Sikkim. Accompanied by fabulous images, the
article, titled "Castles in the Air: Experiences and Journeys in
Unknown Bhutan" documented White's experiences in Bhutan, which he
visited between 1905 to 1907. The coverage was historically
significant, as it provided insights into Bhutan from a foreign
perspective, and for the first time, presented images of a largely
unknown Bhutan to the western world.
In photograph, Mr. Gary Knell, President and CEO of National Geographic Society presents Her Majesty The Queen with a copy of an image of Punakha Dzong taken by John Claude White during an expedition to Bhutan in 1907, that was originally published in National Geographic Magazine in 1914.

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