11 ноября 2014 г.

Детали свадьбы принца Мулая Рашида и Оум Келтум Буфаре

he Wedding of Moroccan Prince Moulay Rachid, brother of King Mohammed VI, will take place next weekend, according to Moroccan news outlet le360.
The wedding is expected to be attended by high dignitaries from a number of countries.
According to the same source, several national music groups were called upon to be part of the three-day wedding (starting November 13) of Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco with 27-year-old Miss Oum Keltoum Boufares, a cousin of the Moroccan Royal family.
Among the privileged musical groups are those of Orchestra Tahour, El Haja Hamdaouia, El Haja Halima and two famous groups of Anadalusian music led by Abdou Saouiri and Ba Jdoub, according to sources acquainted with the matter quoted by the French-speaking website.
The Henna ceremony is scheduled to start on Friday, November 14th. The wedding ceremony will follow the next day.
The Royal Palace has reportedly sent many invitations to national figures including members of the government, and to representatives of the Royal families of the Gulf countries and Asia as well as Spain, Monaco, the Netherlands, and Denmark.
Figures from African countries have also been invited which explains the fact that the hotels in the capital city of Rabat are fully-booked, the same source went on to add.
An esplanade at the Royal Palace has been reportedly arranged to receive the guests while other preparations such as painting sidewalks and pruning trees are currently underway in the city of Rabat.
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